“Live With Peaceful & Healthy Nature”

“Get Closer to Nature with One of its Kind Village Style Eco-Friendly Resort”


Lush Greenery.

No Pollution.

No Disturbance.

Could there be a better place to unwind?

We all know there is no better ways to rejuvenate during weekends or holydays then to escape from the city to natural retreat or resort. But why spending extra money to relax when you can do it free of cost on your own farmland? If you are wondering what makes Greenacres is the perfect destination for your farm house, here you go:

  • Far away from polluting factories and industries.
  • Negligible air and noise pollution.
  • Enveloped in Greenery, away from cement jungles.

This not only makes Greenacres an ideal gateway spot but also the perfect destination for mental and physical health rejuvenation. Here, you only breathe in pure air, eat fresh organic produce and get in touch with the nurturing side of Mother Nature.There is better way to heal yourself from the stress and pollution of city life.

We’ll also help you build a farmhouse on your Greenacres farm plot exactly the way you like. Or you can also choose from a wide range of ready-to-build designs, at affordable prices.

After all, a farm seems incomplete without your very own farmhouse!