“Live With Nature”

“Get Closer to Nature with Urban Farming plots”

“It is not just a plot. It’s a culture of urban farming, a sustainable future giving back to Mother Nature”

Farmland projects are increasingly become a smart and futuristic investments and it has always been an appreciating asset irrespective of the market conditions Greenacres would like to make farming a profitable and enjoyable investment for farm owners.

This is mainly because of factors that decide the cost of a farmland and very different from other investments.

  • Water Facilities
  • Soil
  • Access to Market the Production
  • Resources to manage
  • Location

Abundant water supply, natural nutrient rich soil, apt climatic conditions, easy highway access were few of the strong reasons with which Greenacres stands out as one of the most amazing project of all that scores on every count. Be it the location, plot expanse, planning variety of plantations, hassle free farm operation, maintenance and appreciation in the future. Greenacres puts on a profitable ground today, tomorrow and for generations to come.