Greenacres@9014981705 took the initiation to provide a green rich nature living open plots for sale near Shadnagar, Hyderabad for very reasonable price as low as 2000 per square yard.

The Venture Greenacres Farmlands is one of the prestigious Open Plots ventures near shadnagar, in a scrolling area of 500 acres on the outskirts of Hyderabad city near Hyderabad, Bangalore highway.

Hyderabad City is a fast developing city it is competing with other world cities in development, Infrastructure, industrially, economically, centrally and many more.Now the city is found its place in the India’s top most city but at the same time the growth also bring some disadvantages like pollution it is the most dangerous one, because of heavy vehicle flotation pollution of the city is increasing day by day rapidly, people are suffering with several health disorders in these critical situations Greenacres found a prestigious venture with 500 acres to grow the nature lively hood.

The main aim of the Green Acres is to bring Open Plots, farm houses, Farm lands within the reach of middle class people. also earlier farm houses can only be afforded by rich class but Greenacres made it available for the middle class also and facilitating the green living and experiencing the nature.

Greenacres is planned this new project ventured in order to bring  open plots for sale in shadnagar, Hyderabad and the luxury farm houses available in affordable prices.

Greenacres is also planned organic farms like 300 Malabar trees and 25 varieties of fruit plants like mango, pomegranate, grape, oranges and many more organic plants planted here to enhance the quality of living with nature and experience the lively wood of Green rich nature.


This Greenacres farm lands is very near to RAJIV GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and Outer Ring Road within 20 minutes reach.

POLEPALLY-SEZ (JADCHERLA), is one of the main and advanced Amenities of Greenacres it is neighboring with  Air-Cargo, AMAZON, NRSC Center, Biggest Amusement Park, Resorts, Golf club, Textile park, and many more are within the reach of the Greenacres farm lands.

Greenacres farm lands having the luxuries facilities like clubhouse, continuous power supply, drip irrigation, 24/7 security and other amenities to get the residence of feeling of living in the lap of nature.

The Greenacres farmlands are going to plant 300 Malabar trees which gives Rs.10, 000 to Rs.15, 000 income on each tree with in 6yrs. So viewers hurry up to register your dream farm house and open plots near shadnagar in Greenacres.

Green Acres Ventures Official Layout Overview


“Advanced Amenities of Greenacres”

Live with Peace & Health

“Get closer to nature with one of its kind village style

Live with Guarantee and Security

Why Green acres is your best choice? There are three

Live with Nature

It is not just a plot. It’s a culture of urban farming, a sustainable

Live with Eco-Friendly Infra

When you buy urban farming plot at Green acres,you also get

Live with Prosperity

With Green acres you always get more than expected. Based on the market demand

Live with Community

Get closer to nature with the community. Free membership to the

“More Enlightened Feature’s of Green Acres”

“Live With Affordability”

Cost: Greenacres is priced to be very affordable and give the value for money.We offer competitive price so that each one of us can have an urban farming plot and earn profits from the cultivation.


Greenacres take advantage of efficient and natural farming solutions that make us unique and technological advantage to be able to adapt and implement productive methodologies.

Hassle free Maintenance:

You get the ownership of a decent property at very normal price and 100% benefit in economically viable farming without personally involving yourself, as everything is taken care by the project owners, you buy, sit back and take the returns.

“Live  With New Trend”

“Get the Benefit of Tax-Free and No Sharing Income Granted  Through Plantation.”

Greenacres set a new trend in farming era by offering 100% yield benefit to plot owners, where in the cultivation is managed till the harvest by the company. It is planned to be a collective & organized forming thus reducing the cost further and increasing the ability to afford latest technology and practice for maximum returns.

This module is has been designed to involve investors from all sectors of Indian society. also income from agriculture source is still not taxed in India.

“Live With Farming Experts”

“Get Closer to Nature with our Agro Experts”

At Greenacres we are completely equipped with urban forming

The concept of urban forming is while you invest in just the plot, you get the value added benefits of being able to learn from the best agricultural talent.Our agro expert team comprises highly educated and skilled professionals to give you the best farming results on our land.

However, it is not just the regular farming that we practice in Greenacres. You get to be a part of something more intelligent and sustainable- to make this possible at Greenacres our agro experts learns have set up drip-irrigation system, install adequate electrical system & put the right farming system in place.

“Live With Responsibility & Profitability”

Yes Investing in Urban Farming Plot at Greenacres will give you prominent monetary returns owing to its centric location near to Hyderabad International airport, opposite to the polepally Green industrial SEZ.

That is not the only the reason you should invest in an urban farming plot in Greenacres. With the rapid modernization of urban & semi urban areas, a major chunk of fertile farming.

Land is being used for development purpose. While urban development is necessary to take us forward, we must not forget our agricultural roots.


“Live With Celebrations”

Social Events like Festivals, Birthdays and Functions can be scheduled at the convention hall.

Get the advantage of Free membership to the club

“Live With Your Memories”

Don’t you miss the simpler times?

“Revisit the glory of your child hood memories and make them alive again!”

With Greenacres your having the facility of spending your free time with nature and farmlands which reflects your child hood memories again that make you to feel you like your living in the lap of nature.

“Live With Your Future”

“Get closure to nature and build your future”

We don’t believe in charity at your own expense.

That’s why you paid more than you sow at Greenacres.